Experience Tesla Model S 770hp on german Autobahn

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Rent a 772hp Tesla Model S P100DL and experience what is possible with this car on german autobahn
Go to Short and long time rental

Short and long time rental

Fill out the booking form and we will make you an offer for days or week to rent

Go to Airport pickup

Airport pickup

We will bring the Tesla to every European airport. You do not need an additional car

Go to Hotel


We bring the car to every hotel in Europe. You can plan the rental completely flexible as part of your holiday in Europe.

Go to Driving holidays

Driving holidays

We offer a lot different travels along nice roads and pretty places and cities in central Europe, where hotels are booked and everything is arranged. You can enjoy your driving or switch on the autopilot of the Tesla and enjoy the country side. These proposal can be changed in every detail. As we know details are making the difference.

Car comparison

If you want to proof that the american Tesla Model S is realy the best in the world, we can arrange a rental of an “old style super sportscar” like AMG Aston Martin Bentley Bugatti De Tomaso Ferrari Jaguar Koenig Koenigsegg Lamborghini Lancia Lotus Maserati McLaren Porsche Wiesmann Mercedes

Fun to drive in mountains

Nice tesla super car in nice german mountain. You do not need Ferrari any more

Are you on a holiday or business trip in Germany and want to experience the great American supercar Tesla Model S with 700 hp on German autobahn, than book here your event. As you know a Tesla Modes S is built for comfortable traveling, but you can also use the power to reach the limits of German autobahn.

Make you holidays an uforgettable experience

Tesla experience

You will never forget to drive this super car on German Autobahn

America is building the most inovative car in the world. But they cannot experience what is really possible with this car. Come to Germany and find out

  • We will pick you up at any airport in Europe.

  • We bring this supercar to any hotel in Europe

  • Price for thousands of public charging stations in in the price included

  • We can support you when ever you want. 24 hours all days of the week

Tesla Modl S P100DL renting prices are much lower, than Porsche, Ferrari or other super cars. Because of free geen energy

If you have questions or need any support for your trip – ask us, we can help.